Selected Homme

Selected Homme are Nordic by heart with an authentic vein running through each and every garment giving it a true Scandinavian look. Their style appeals to the modern and fashion-conscious man of today, who has a keen sense of their own personal style. Some follow trends closely; some want that timeless and classic look. What they have in common is their impeccable sense of taste and quality. Selected Homme, established as early as 1997, caters to any modern man through three main lines: Indigo, Heritage, and Identity. They pride themselves as being cool and contemporary. Indigo line conveys an edgy lifestyle centred on the deep indigo colour and denim. Heritage is laid back and relaxed, featuring both modern and vintage styles with tailored elements adding some sophistication to the line. Identity is the tailoring line brimming with modern takes on the time-honoured tailored look.


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12 Products



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